We are leadership guides

We don’t do it for you and we can’t do it to you.

You are in charge and our job is to guide you through the wilds and help you shape a new future by teaching you new skills, providing new perspectives, and shaping new ways of working for both you and your organization.

Sometimes we sit next to you and provide counsel as you wrestle with difficult decisions. Let’s face it, there are just some conversations you can’t have with people inside the organization. We are there with and for you in those moments.

Sometimes we are out front scouting the way by gathering and analyzing critical data you need to make decisions. And sometimes we are behind you as we help you develop a new set of competencies that are tuned to this wild new world.

Cohen leadership high five
How do we do it?

As led by our founder Andy Cohen, we bring together four perspectives that are difficult to find in one place and meld into a coherent context.

When we engage with you, we craft a bespoke program that brings the necessary elements from each of these domains to best deliver on your needs as a leader and as an organization.

How do we know its working?  That’s easy! You and your organization are producing new levels of business results while at the same time enjoying new levels of satisfaction.

All of our engagements are customized to our client's particular needs and are built on a foundation of four essential types of service.

Executive Coaching

We work with you one on one to develop specific leveraged skills and behaviors that allow you to grow your power and competence as a leader both now and in the future.

Leadership Counsel

As a leader, you are faced with any number of business, strategic, organizational, and people situations, challenges, and opportunities. You are the expedition leader. We guide you and provide counsel and a sounding board as you navigate this challenging and exciting terrain.

Organizational Consulting

At times, your needs will require assistance with a rigorous, data driven, analytical look at your organization. We are prepared to help you with issues of performance management, organizational design, motivation, organizational culture and climate, morale, team dynamics, and recruiting/selection.


The interpersonal network in an organization is part of the wild. It is informal and unstructured and it is intensely powerful. We offer leaders an opportunity to see and understand the network through a mapping exercise. From this we jointly develop plans for the organization and for specific individuals to harness the power of the network and, where necessary, reshape it.