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Andy Cohen Ph.D, and his AUGUST THIRD team
have created a new type of leadership company.

The business world that we were all used to is gone and it isn’t coming back. What has taken its place is a new, chaotic, confusing, wild landscape with only a few recognizable landmarks. Stakeholders have new needs and rapidly changing requirements. New markets and competitors are emerging at the same time . The ways and places that we work have and will continue to change. Fundamental to all of this is the global rethinking of what it means to ‘work’ in this new world.

Attempting to lead in these wilds with the same old style and practices is a strategy for tragedy.

Andrew Cohen makes it possible

In the old days no one set off into the wild without a guide as those who did were never heard from again. The same wisdom applies today. The best way to move through today’s wilds of leadership is to get a guide who has the wisdom and experience to point the way. Andy Cohen and his August Third crew can be your guide.

Yes – it’s a whole new world out there and while it can be daunting, if you know your way it can be exhilarating, rich and rewarding. Use our wisdom and experience to help you lead your team into a new future.

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The best time to invest in your leadership skills is when you think you don’t need it!

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